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The sample cover letter to follow can be modified to create your own sample cover letter. You should then write a personalized cover letter for each job, company &  person you are applying to. It is a simple & straight forward sample cover letter format. 

For a free resume review or to use my resume writing services, please email a copy of your resume to  

Whether you are an engineer, business consultant, project manager, accountant, computer programmer or business analyst, you can follow the same format as the sample cover letter format below & use it as a template.

A job cover letter is a must with each job application and CV submission. Check the job application closing dates. Keep each job application letter professional & simple (no more than one page consisting of three to four paragraphs). Address each job cover letter to a specific person. Do not under estimate the importance of writing a job cover letter. Each job cover letter should be personalized. It is important to outline in your job cover letter how your experience matches the job that you are applying to. Check the spelling & grammar in your job cover letter. Keep a copy of each job cover letter you send. For more job cover letter tips, see job application letter tips

Sample job cover letter format: 

99 Marvin Rd
City, State 00000
(999) 999-9999

14 April 2013

Mrs. Mary Farr
Human Resources Manager
ABC Company
1111 Bessemer Avenue
City, State 00000

Dear Mary:

I am writing to apply for the position of business consultant that was advertised in today's XYZ Times. I am attaching my CV for your review.

"In this section of your job application letter highlight information relevant to the description of the advertisement of the position that you are applying for. So, show the skills and expertise that you have that match the description of the job you are applying for. "

I have demonstrated excellent people skills in addition to strong writing and analytical skills. I believe my education, skills and experiences fit your requirements, and I am confident my skills would be an asset to your company (or to your client if you are applying to a recruiter)

I am available to meet with you at a time that's convenient to you. Please contact me to set up a time. I look forward to hear from you soon.


Your signature (not needed when sending via email or for an online job application)

Your name

Your contact phone number

Your email address

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If the advertisement you are applying to asks for your salary expectations, we suggest you add a sentence in your cover letter that your salary expectations are "negotiable" & to be more prepared for salary negotiations, see our salary negotiation example.

The above cover letter is applicable to many positions, including CEO, director, executive, financial controller, dentist, doctor, nurse, project manager, recent graduate, tradesperson, engineer, teacher, child care worker, flight attendant, dental assistant, accountant, technician, supervisor, migration agent, manager, technical executive. Also, applicable to different industries such as mining, retail, finance, sales, marketing, transport, logistics, lean manufacturing, production, operations, health, medical, education, engineering, technical, office administration, energy, health care and IT.

Keep in mind that the above job cover letter sample format is only a sample and you should write a personalized job application letter for each job, company &  person you are applying to.

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We'll be adding more sample cover/ application letter formats & examples of cover letter formats soon.