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Resume action phrases highlight your qualifications, skills and experience on your resume. If you are looking for a CV writer or a resume writer in Sydney, Australia , please contact us. 

  • Resume action phrases help support your job application. The use of action phrases is a must for every successful resume.
  • When preparing your resume, cover letters and job application forms, use strong action phrases to describe your skills, experience and strengths.
  • Never use "I" or other pronouns to identify yourself.
  • Replace sentences starting with the pronoun "I" with action verbs and phrases. For example, instead of " I managed 85 employees", you'd state "managed 85 employees".
  • Ensure the phrases and statements are specific to the skills you are describing.
  • While we recommend using plenty of action phrases in your resume, cover letters and job application forms, we also recommend using them moderately to ensure you are able to justify any statements you include in your document.
  • Where possible, try to quantify the accomplishment and achievements by including numerical figures, such as monetary budgets, funds saved, time periods, efficiency improved, % or dollars saved... etc.
  • In general, an employer is looking for someone who is not only with the technical or "specific" skills to do the job advertised but someone with transferable skills as well.
  • These skills are transferable from one work environment to another and are often what you would bring as an asset to an organization. When used appropriately, action phrases effectively describe your transferable skills.

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Select from the following resume action phrases examples:

Marketed/ launched new product

Reduced manufacturing cost by 18 %

Chaired brain-storming meetings

Developed excellent customer relationships

Motivated team members

Played a key role in a seven member team

Exceeded sales targets for 2011

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