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If resamay, resumay, resame ...etc. appear anywhere on your job application letters/ forms, you will probably be placed at the bottom of the list or eliminated. Your resume, cover letter & job application form or letter reflect your written communication skills.

If you are serious about your job search, don't ignore the hidden job market


What is your expected salary?  This is a very common question that is usually asked in job applications & at job interviews. Be prepared. This is how you should answer.


Highest Paying Jobs: While many high paying jobs require University degrees, others only require certification, training & experience


Even though grammar/ spelling errors and typos can be fatal to a candidate's employment chances, you'd be surprised at the number of cover letters that contain "attached is my resame, resamay or resumay" or "as detailed in my resame, resamay or resumay" instead of resume.

  • Many smart and talented people lose excellent job opportunities directly as a result of a weak resume or a weak cover letter. 

  • Take your time when you write your resume, job application & cover letter and always proofread. 

  • Whether you apply online or post your resume online or apply via email, the same application rules apply for online applications as through traditional methods; check your grammar and spelling and fill in all the required application form fields. 

  • See our different career & job search topics containing free tips and advise on how to write a resume, sample resume format, resume posting online and resume writing.

Resamay, resame and resumay are three of the most common misspellings of resume that appear on job applications. 


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