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CV Sample Format

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CV Sample Format

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The CV sample format outlined below is one of the most commonly used CV formats, curriculum vitae. This typical CV sample format can be used to create your own CV. Start your CV format draft with as much information as possible, then edit & proofread your CV format. By using this CV sample format you will get a head start.

For a free CV review or to use my CV services, please email a copy of your resume to  

You will find many different CV sample formats, but we focus more on the presentation and content of the CV, than on the CV format/ CV template.

Pay attention to the overall appearance of your CV & ensure there is adequate white background  space. Your CV must reflect the image that matches the salary you are seeking. Remove from your CV everything that starts with "responsibilities included ..." and replace with accomplishments and/ or achievements. Your strengths must stand out clearly at the beginning of your CV. Quantify your experience on your CV by including numerical figures, such as monetary budgets/ funds saved, time periods/ efficiency improved, % saved... etc. This will make your CV stand out.

CV sample format: 


Your phone number (s)                                                                       Your email address

(do not include your work number if you                                          (use a professional sounding email 

don't wish to be contacted at work)                                                            & not a work email)


A short summary highlighting and describing you, your skills and your strengths (up to 5 lines)



  • Start with your present / last employer

  • List of all employment (up to 15 years, focusing on the experience that is relevant to positions that you are currently seeking & the most recent experience)

  • List the name of the Company,

  • Location,

  • A brief description of the company 

  • Size of company (e.g. Largest pharmaceutical company in Canada),

  • Your title (if more than one position was held with the same company list each one separately)

  • Dates of employment- (if it is more favorable, you can indicate the year only, for example 2001 to 2004)

  • Do not include your salary.

  • Description of your accomplishments, achievements and responsibilities

  • Use strong action verbs (for example managed, resolved, developed, initiated, coordinated…)

  • Include cost savings (e.g.,  %, $ or in your local currency, where applicable)

  • Repeat the above for each position starting with the most recent at the beginning of your professional experience section of your CV  



(For the CV sample format for graduates or where the education is more relevant than the experience for the job you are applying to, this section is usually placed above "Professional Experience." For the CV sample format for all others, this section is usually placed below "Professional Experience.")

  • Name of University/ College/ Community College

  • Location 

  • Degree / Diploma/ Certificate

  • Graduation date/ still attending

  • For about to graduate students and for recent graduates, it is recommended that you list your major courses



  • Include any relevant skills not listed under professional experience above (e.g., training in team building)

  • All relevant courses/workshops/ seminars All relevant computer skills (e.g., Microsoft office …)

  • Foreign Languages (only list if you are applying for positions where your foreign language would be a requirement or an asset)



 (This is not required). While some CV sample formats include this section, we do not suggest listing your personal details on your CV, for example age and marital status.



(Optional- depending on the relevance to the job you are applying to)



List of Professional Licenses/ Memberships 



  • We suggest you contact your referees and prepare a list of references to have ready to give to the employer as soon as they ask for them (no need to send with your CV and application, unless you are asked to do so)

  • Some CV formats include listing the references. We recommend only including "References available upon request" at the end of your CV.

Through online distance education & online courses, correspondence or continuing education, you have more opportunities for career advancement through development courses & degree programs..... read the full article under our online distance education section.

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The above CV sample format can be used for different industries in general, so can be used as a sample CV format for a CEO, executive, doctor, teacher, nurse, engineer, college student, financial controller, IT project manager, pharmacist, sales rep, health care professionals, trades person, university  graduate, tradesperson, welder, teacher, assistant accountant, technician, secretary, supervisor, manager or technical executive.  tradesperson, engineer, teacher, secretary, pharmacist, accountant, project manager, sales representative, supervisor, manager, executive, health care or IT professional.

We'll be adding another CV sample format shortly, curriculum vitae. For any questions on the above CV sample format, please contact us or ask us. 

KMD-solutions is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia